Mickleton is a special place

Calor Village of the Year® Entry 2008

Mickletondeserves more than a passing notice. Even a glimpse from the distant railway of its church spire rising out of a mass clustering orchards, backed by the verdant slopes of Cotswold, which hereabout are cleft with deep and darkly wooded coombes, must rouse both envy and curiosity.*

Photo:Towards Mickleton and Meon Hill

Towards Mickleton and Meon Hill

Barry Metcalfe

The orchards are long gone but Mickleton is still a thriving mixed community, situated, partly, in an ANOB, nestling at the foot of the rolling Cotswolds, adjacent to the flat, fertile Vale of Evesham and the wonderful green Shakespeare’s Avon country. Away from the hustle and bustle of town and city life but with good local transport giving access to these in three delightful surrounding counties.

 Mickleton is not a ‘chocolate box’ village but a working village with many hidden gems. We have managed to escape the blight of other villages; we have very few ‘second homes’.

Whether at work on the allotments under the lee of Meon Hill, or tending flowers in the garden, the chimes of the Church clock announce to the village and surrounding farmsteads, lunchtime has arrived; it’s time for tea or bedtime for the children! The peal of church bells, for practice, weddings, Saint’s Days or services; echo among the coombes, the wooded hills and valleys, that backcloth against which our village comes to life.

For come to life it does, as the many and varied activities spring into action! Bored - not in Mickleton with so many things to do, so many people to meet and befriend, one is spoilt for choice, as there is something for everyone. No one need be lonely in Mickleton – attending our clubs or societies alone is not a problem – a warm welcome is always assured and extended to everyone – we ‘care and share’ in Mickleton.

The many footpaths with good surfaces make walking for one’s health an activity whatever the weather and an exploration of the many interesting ‘alleyways, nooks and crannies’, all have their own special tale to tell.

People, over a 1500 of them, friendly, warm, “help you anytime” people.

A five minute stroll to the Post Office for the morning paper often takes more than an hour – we speak to each other in Mickleton.

We all constantly strive to improve Mickleton by becoming involved; committees for the numerous clubs and societies, forming working parties keeping Mickleton neat and tidy, helping at the Church Fete, organizing social events, maintaining allotments or running the Hedgehog bus.

Young and old alike are involved. We see the Playgroup taking their collected plastic to the igloo every Friday, the 90 year old at the Tea Dance.

Speak to our young people; “we love our new school”; “we feel safe and secure”; “we are proud of our village”; “it’s small and it hasn’t got everything but we wouldn’t swap it.”

Ask a Mickletonian; “it must surely be next to living in paradise”; “where else would I want to live”

Mickleton is a very special village with very special people in a very special place. 

*(Highways and Byways of Oxford & Cotswolds 1905)

Mickleton, Gloucestershire in the North Cotswolds, UK

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